MP3: Umphrey’s McGee – “Get Lucky” (Daft Punk Cover)

April 29, 2013 2 comments


Umphrey’s McGee – Get Lucky (Live from UMBowl)

Where smart phone usage is usually frowned upon at concerts, it’s rare to walk into a venue where people have theirs plugged in to power strips located plentifully throughout the place. At the annual UMBowl show on Friday; however, this was the case and for good reason. The 5-hour interactive marathon show is divided into four “quarters” and the band uses audience ideas to decide which song or improvisational themes to jam out to throughout the night.

During the “Choose Your Own Adventure” quarter, when Umphrey’s was a few minutes away from completing a song, there would be three new ones listed on a screen (example below) and it would be up to the audience to text in which one they would segue into next. In some instances, two songs would be tied for first and the band had to keep going until one was ultimately decided. The only breaks they had for songs were in-between quarters.


However, when “Get Lucky” came on the screen with two original UM songs, it quickly became clear what the fans wanted to hear. I had not seen the percentage meter run up so fast for a song the whole night, and the band recognized that the audience wanted to get Daft Punk’d that evening. In true UM fashion, they delivered a 7-minute cover of our summer anthem with Kris (the drummer) doing the main vocals. A highlight among the many highlights for the unforgettable evening, it should also be noted that previously in the quarter, “Regulate” by Warren G ousted Bob Marley & The Police tracks.

Listen to and download the show over at UMLive.