MP3: The Doorbells – “Too Young”

January 15, 2013 1 comment

the doorbells

So last night I went to out to see my band crush The Neighbourhood (spoiler alert: INTERVIEW COMING SOON) and while I knew I would love their set, what I was not expecting was one of the opening acts The Doorbells to blow me away. From the moment they opened, my friend and I could not stop going on and on, mostly to each other, about how great these guys were. Very Bravery-esque (“Honest Mistake” will be one of my favorite songs FOREVER). They released an EP Want Your Evil in 2011 that is making for some really perfect listening at work today. My favorite song would have to be their newest single “Too Young.” Also the fact that it’s listed as “Album Version” on their Soundcloud must be a sign they are working on a new album – at least I HOPE so.

Download The Doorbells Too Young