MP3: Soul Khan – “The Machine” ft. Akie Bermiss

December 6, 2012 1 comment


Soul Khan is releasing his Psalm EP on December 11. And, to properly foreplay us into getting for it, he released “The Machine” today featuring long-time collaborator Akie Bermiss. Akie and Soul explore the idea behind how we are so addicted to technology/computers and preoccupied with bullshit, and how it will only be worse with subsequent generations.

“But no matter who I outwit, y’all mad about my outfit
Sheeeit, y’all don’t ever tell the models to think”

As always, he effortlessly blends complex rhyme schemes with actual subject matter, an almost foreign concept at this point in music. Soul Khan is one of the few independent artists who prefers to release pay-for projects instead of a deluge of free mixtapes, which I think brings value to your music (but what do I know, I’m just a dude with a computer). With that said, this is the last installment of his “The Love Supreme” (John Coltrane ode) series where he makes an EP with a theme and a primary producer. Psalm EP‘s theme is “Simple Answers For Complicated Questions” and is exclusively produced by Abnormal. So, if you like what you hear and are unfamiliar, visit his back catalog because you won’t be disappointed.