MP3: Soul Khan – Soulstice 4

June 12, 2012 1 comment

soulstice 4 - soul khan

The fourth (and final [ :( ]) installment of his Soulstice series, which finds Soul rapping over non-hip hop instrumentals. Known for his consistency, Soul Khan does not disappoint with lines such as “I’m 40 years of desert travel in leather sandals/You soft as Tevin Campbell lighting up a scented candle.” You gamers may recognize this beat as the theme song from Mass Effect 3. And you film nerds may recognize that rant at the beginning from the 1976 movie “Network.” I honestly got chills listening to this the first time the other day. The minimalness of the Mass Effect 3 theme and powerful delivery by Soul collide to create a chilling, great piece of music. Check out his other three Soulstice installments here and then leave some comments as to which Soulstice was your favorite?

Download this one through the Soundcloud widget above. You can also hear him on Rap Genius’s “Outside The Lines” podcast. I would also recommend scouring the Internet for everything Soul Khan, Audible Doctor, J57 and Brown Bag Allstar related… you won’t be disappointed.

I also did a write-up for Soul for MJF’s 2012 Freshman list but then we got rid of the “honorable mentions”… I figure I’ll leave it here because at least one person should read it:

Soul Khan
You know when someone says, “Just listened to Project Y and So-And-So sucks,” then you reply “Nah, you gotta listen to Project X, that’s his best stuff.” Well, with Soul Khan, that’s never the case, because every EP, album, single and feature defines excellence. Soul Khan may look unassuming, like a guy that might do your taxes, but his voice alone crushes coal into diamonds. Though his talent certainly has something to do with it, his rise into the MTV and CMJ circles has more to do with his impeccable career decisions. Every move he has ever made is calculated and thoroughly thought out. He used battle rap as a platform to gain notoriety for himself then retired at the top of the game to pursue his music career full-time. After releasing the infinitely dope free EP Soul Like Khan in 2010, he followed it up by releasing three EPs in 2011, each with their own theme (which allowed him to hone his songwriting skills): Acknowledgement, Resolution and Pursuance. Add to that the hand-full of features, freestyles and Brown Bag Allstar collaborations, the quality and quantity of his work cannot be ignored.

When he raps, he commands your attention, nimbly spewing intricate multi-syllablic rhyme schemes with great ease. He changes cadence mid-line; he’s versatile, the antithesis of the now in-style monotone pop rapper whose songs all sound the same. What all this means, is that Soul Khan is primed to make a huge breakthrough in 2012. However, you don’t have to take my word for it. You don’t even have to believe the thousands of people leaving comments about his work on blogs all around the Internet, or the millions of people who have viewed his music videos and rap battles. One listen, to any of his songs, is all it will take.