Stream: Some Minor Noise – “Aeroplanes”

February 1, 2013 3 comments

some minor noise aeroplanes

Terrance and Phillip. Drake. Blame Canada. But one thing we can thank Canada for is Some Minor Noise. Made up of Jane Void (girl, vocals) and Wayne Doe (boy, production), Some Minor Noise is an indielectro noise-pop duo from Toronto. They “make music to dance/cry/break stuff to.” Honestly best band description ever because isn’t that why we all listen to music? Well anyway, I listened to their EP and it took me about 10 seconds into their song “Noseblow” to know I had found a new favorite (“Yeah, everybody blows I know”). Their sound is like The Weeknd meets Peaches meets Goldfrapp. The band is currently working on their LP, but get a taste of what’s to come with their song “Aeroplanes.” The chorus is mesmerizing. And that BASS. It really does just make me want to dance. And if (or really when) I need to cry or break something soon, it’s good to know I have a go-to. Listen to “Aeroplanes” below and if you are liking them as much as I am, listen to their self-titled EP here.

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