MP3: Purity Ring – “Grammy” (Soulja Boy Cover)

February 11, 2013 No comments yet


What men really want is a girl to sing Soulja Boy to them. Enter Purity Ring and Megan James, with a stirring rendition of Lil Dre’s “Grammy” (from the criminally underrated The DeAndre Way album). Bauce Sauce’s second born for a Purity Ring/Mike WiLL/Future Vandross song in 2013.

Hear Purity Ring’s “Grammy” and the original version below:


Lyrics by our RapGenius overlords:

Party like a rock star, hit ’em with the hot bars
Fast like a NASCAR, lime like my dad’s car
I deserve a Grammy; will I fly away
Or land on Miami? I don’t have time to rhyme
But I do have time to grind
S.O.D. pirates, I don’t need a hook
My lyrics illustrated verses taken from a book
I understand the fans, supply and demand
Crunk at command, fight and we’ll stand
Lyrics from a true legend, livin life through God’s blessing
Big papers, long acres, top flight, no security
Black ice on me, call the jury
Yahh trick yahh, and we call it magic
My style may change if you call it drastic
Money so long and we is the measure
I love my business and I love my pleasure
Live now, die later, internet genius
Self proclaimed he a critically acclaimed
For the fortune and fame, he’ll run through the rain
For a million in change, takin over the game
18 years old with a drop top Phantom
Kidnap the world ’til they pay my ransom
+DeAndre Way+, look what’s tatted on my face
Fo’ words to say – I deserve a Grammy