MP3: ProbCause – “Three Course Meal” ft. Action Bronson & Chance The Rapper

December 11, 2012 No comments yet

Dont’ really care about a ProbCause. Seems like he has some talent, but overall pretty generic. What makes this song isn’t even the Action Bronson verse, which is solid as always. It’s the Chance the Rapper verse that reinforces how truly talented he is. Shouts to the DBZ Senzu Bean drug reference. This is the second time, in my opinion, that Chance has outrapped a more famous rapper on a track. The first being his verse on “Bout a Dolla” where he effortlessly floats on by Chuck Inglish, Twista AND Chip Tha Ripper. Please stop sleeping.

“Three Course Meal” will be on Prob’s “The Recipe Vol 2” mixtape that, as of now, does not have a release date. Download the song above through SoundCloud. (Via Ruby Hornet)