MP3: Missy Elliott – “9th Inning” ft. Timbaland

September 17, 2012 5 comments

Timbaland has been teasing Missy Elliott’s return for a few weeks, and he, thankfully, wasn’t making an empty promise. Everyone’s favorite “Work It” rapper has dropped her new single and she’s bringing Timb for the ride.

While Missy has flirted with multiple genres in the past, “9th Inning” sees the versatile MC returning to the edgy hiphop beats and lyrics that characterized her earlier albums like Da Real World. “All we do is make hits” brags a feisty Missy over a piano laden beat. The Misdemeanor is back!

Check out her return single below:

Missy Elliott – 9th Inning ft. Timbaland

When Missy first announced her impending return, I was really curious to see what sound she would employ, especially considering how synthy Timb’s productions have become. So I am pleasantly surprised to see her adopting a decidedly hiphop sound for her new single. However, I am not exactly impressed with the outcome. “9th Inning” fails to ever really develop its footing, and the lack of a strong hook doesn’t alleviate that problem. Even so, all hope is not lost. Fans have been awaiting a Missy Elliott return since she dropped “Best, Best” back in ’08. So this single may succeed on hope alone. Or maybe fans will finally grow displeased with the bullshit music Nicki’s been releasing, so they’ll support Missy for fear of more audio homicide from the Barbie.