MP3: Kool A.D. & Bill Ding – Hypersensitive Jesters (Prod by Steel Tipped Dove)

September 13, 2012 2 comments

Steel Tipped Dove swags all over this Denny Guy sample (Shouts to Christian Folk Rock, am I right?) while Kool A.D. does his usual free association thing. I’ve been slowly checking for Bill Ding since his Structure 4 The Youth mixtape but I think this track finally won me over. Could have been his delivery, could have been the ad libs… but it was probably the “Trippin off the DMT, I think I’m Joe Rogan” line. Silliness and punchlines abound. Via Mishka.

Steel Tipped Dove is approaching that status of Beautiful Lou and Harry Fraud, where anything his name is attached to, I’m gonna listen to it because I know it’s finna be dope.