MP3: Kids of The Apocalypse – Masters of the Sun

January 8, 2013 3 comments


“My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as produced by M83″ is how Disco Naivete described Kids of The Apocolypse. Their sound is huge, their production intense, and the result is profound. An anonymous collective from all over the world, not much else is known about this new band except that they have an explosive debut song. I have not been so excited by a song in a while as much as I am by “Masters of the Sun” – it pushes boundaries, blurs genre lines of pop, electronic and dubstep (I promise – no Skrillex sounds though). It might just be the extraordinary production or the footage from the video, but the they remind me a little bit of Gorillaz and Empire of the Sun. Not to mention their band website (I am always a fan of cool, innovative websites – remember Reptar’s site?) that makes me feel like I am Locke working the computer in the Hatch – pretty amazing. Be sure to watch their video also.