MP3: Keyshia Cole – “Trust And Believe”

October 2, 2012 No comments yet

With Keyshia Cole’s “Enough Of No Love” steadily gaining momentum on the Hip-Hop & R&B charts and the release date of her new album approaching, the singer returns with a new offering from the project. The track is titled “Trust and Believe” and follows in the footsteps of “Enough Of No Love.”

Despite being happily married, the singer reflects on a guy that “had her heart but blew it,” promising that he will eventually realize what he lost. Listeners shouldn’t be surprised, though, as Keyshia has previously stated she brought in new writers so she can go back to delivering the signature ballads of her earlier albums.

Check out “Trust and Believe.”

Keyshia Cole – Trust and Believe

Keyshia Cole is strikingly flat on this number, which is disappointing because “Trust and Believe” had potential. The understated production during the verses exposes her vocal limitations, and it shows how uncomfortable she is in her lower register. More importantly, her overall delivery of the song’s lyrics are uninspired. In contrast to “Enough of No Love,” Keyshia honestly sounds bored. It comes across in everything from the lyrics (she’s a 3 and I’m a 10) to her failure to move out of singing in the same two notes she’s been relying on since she released “I Remember.” It’s time for Keyshia to start taking risks vocally or she will never improve. Look at Rihanna, for example. Yes, she is (and will never be) known for her runs, but there is a noticeable improvement from the way she used to sing songs like “Unfaithful” to how she handles ballads like “California King Bed.” This is Keyshia’s fifth album. It’s time she start acting like it.