MP3: Justin Bieber – Die In Your Arms

May 29, 2012 3 comments

The countdown to Believe is officially here. Just a few days after getting a peak at the album cut, “All Around The World,” we get to hear the official second single. Titled “Die In Your Arms,” this song is less “swaggy” Bieber and more of the bowl cut “I just need somebody to love” Bieber from My World 2.0.

Take a listen to Bieber’s new single:

I am honestly conflicted over this track. Although I applaud Bieber for the unexpected choice of single, I can’t help but feel this is a gross misappropriation of the Jackson 5. I’m almost positive I hear a sample of “Never Can Say Goodbye,” The song samples MJ’s “We’ve Got A Good Thing Going,” and the track even comes laced with Bieber’s version of ” just look over your shoulder, honey.” Perhaps I’m expecting too much from an 18 year old, but Bieber’s team needs to rethink his material if they want him to make a lasting impression on the industry. Everything he’s released this era has been derivative.

P.S. I also think “All Around The World” was a better choice for a follow-up single.