MP3: J. Cole – “The Cure”

July 26, 2012 3 comments

J Cole - The Cure

Download: J. Cole – “The Cure”

“My handle on my thoughts used to be as ill as Rondo’s
Screaming ‘Fuck Whitey’ forgetting I’m still Mulatto”

I had actually forgot that J Cole existed. After quietly going gold on his debut album, Cole sort of just faded away on tour but we never really got any steady radio play or music videos that kept our attention on the fact that he actually released an album. Jermaine realeased this new ditty via DreamVillain, and is him just spitting some four-odd minutes of straight raps. Pretty decent release… but it’s kinda boring. Cole is a competent producer, but that beat isn’t strong enough as a loop to keep me engaged for four minutes.