MP3: Future – “Ain’t Neva Seen” and “Came From Nothing”

February 21, 2013 1 comment


Give Future Sinatra his credit, the man is striking while the iron is blazing hot. I wish Juelz Santana had his fervor post-Diplomatic Immunity. These two singles, “Ain’t Never Seen” and “Came From Nothing” are from DJ Spinz & DJ Pretty Boy Tank’s The Real Atlanta mixtape. I can never be too sure when it comes to transcribing lyrics due to my atrocious (and often selective) hearing, but I’m pretty sure Future Pavarotti mentions his swag is out to Mars. Rap Game Buzz Aldrin.

We’ll update this once the NODJ versions mercifully leak.

Future – Ain’t Neva Seen

Future – Came From Nothing