MP3: Durag Dynasty – “Durag Dynasty Theme” (produced by The Alchemist)

January 19, 2013 1 comment


The word is out that you need to have your entire album produced by The Alchemist. I’ve been crossing my fingers for a Fabolous/ALC album for years. The next artists to get the Alchemist treatment are Durag Dynasty, the combined forces of Planet Asia, Tristate, and Killer Ben. Fun facts about Killer Ben: Planet Asia considers him the greatest rapper on Earth, and the real Killer Ben from Fort Greene, Brooklyn was a legendary drug dealer who used a four-year-old kid as a human shield during a shootout. He was gunned down in a telephone booth in 1995, allegedly over some jewelry he stole from a Notorious B.I.G. associate. Anyway, 360 Waves is set to be released March 12. Listen to “Durag Dynasty Theme” below and laugh at the awesome artwork above.

Durag Dynasty Theme