MP3: Brad Paisley – “Accidental Racist” ft. LL Cool James

April 8, 2013 21 comments

LL Cool J Brad Paisley Accidental Racist

Holy shit guys. Tim McGraw and LL Cool J did what Nelly and Tim McGraw wanted to but could never achieve. We’re finally post-racial! THE WORLD IS FIXED! THANK YOU BRAD PAISLEY. THANK YOU LADIES LOVE COOL JAMES. Wow. Did you think you would live long enough to see this happen? “Accidental Racist” is on Paisley’s April 9 album “Wheelhouse.” Brad will also be on LL’s forthcoming “Authentic” (LOL Really?) album. Everything in this paragraph makes so much sense, right?

As a Southerner with kind of racist/bigoted family members, I get the idea of the song… and talking about this stuff SAFELY in a COUNTRY song can be difficult. The result is pure cheese, but it’s glorious. Listen until the end because LL Cool J has some beautifully poignant ad libs during the outro that make “race relations” a thing of the past. My favorite one is:

If You Dont Judge My DuRag

I Wont Judge Your Red Flag

LL Cool J proposed in a country song that a du-rag is the black man’s version of the confederate flag. Happy Monday, y’all. Shouts to the Mason-Dixon.