MP3: Bill Ding – “Jawn Dough”

November 1, 2012 1 comment


I’m an unabashed fan of Mr. Bill Ding and the self-described “Art Trap” that he creates. Here he goes in over a self-produced beat and waxes poetic on rising to a higher plane of existence via various substances. If you enjoy being drug-addled or just need something to mob to as you sit in your office/library cubicle, this is it. Shouts to Steel Tipped Dove on the artwork.

I said back in September that in three months Bill would be the next blog darling… one month later he’s released a stellar project with Raider Klan Member Eddy Baker and has just released this single as a prelude to an upcoming project. I’ve heard a few rough cuts of some forthcoming songs and let’s just say I definitely still stand by my proclamation. What do you guys think? Y’all fucking with Bill or what? Via