MP3: Aaliyah – “Enough Said” ft. Drake

August 5, 2012 9 comments

Drake has notched yet another accolade on his Aaliyah wall of appreciation. After tattooing the late singer on his back, adding her image to his earpiece, and sampling her on Thank Me Later‘s “Unforgettable,” the Canadian rapper has finally scored his dream collaboration.

“Enough Said” is the first single from an upcoming Aaliyah posthumous album, and sees her returning to the svelte vocals that initially brought her to prominence. On the track, produced by Drake’s right hand man “40,” Aaliyah expresses her desire to understand what’s on her lover’s mind so she can make it better. The song also features a few bars from Drake who notes it “bothers him when his lover has to play therapist.”

Drake was widely rumored to have been tapped to executive produce an Aaliyah album, and this new song seems to give those rumors some merit. Check out the song below.

Aaliyah – Enough Said ft. Drake

As soon as I saw 40 was on production, I knew this song would work. Drake’s partner in crime is known for his understated production, so it was unmistakable there would be a palpable chemistry between Aaliyah’s vocal delivery and the instrumentation. Much like JoJo’s “Demonstrate” or even Usher’s “What Happened To U,” 40 crafts his music in a way that allows one to focus on the beauty of the lyrics. He keeps the bells and whistles to a minimum, and truly showcases the artist.

On the other hand, I am curious to see how this upcoming project will turn out. There are those who question (with merit) the decision to allow Drake to executive produce the album considering his lack of a musical relationship with the singer, but I’d be lying if I said my interest wasn’t piqued. Yes, it is ridiculous to have an Aaliyah project without any input from Timbaland or Missy, but not a completely lost cause. If Aaliyah were still around, I could see her recording this type of track as it revisits the more mellow tracks on her self-titled opus. So here’s to hearing more of the project as it develops.