Mixtape: OXYxMORON – “The Woods”

January 18, 2013 1 comment

OXYxMORON - The Woods

“Y’all say we from the sticks / We say we from The Woods”

Download: OXYxMORON – “The Woods”

You never know where you’ll find some new good music. Someone on my Twitter Machine dot com timeline tweeted about OXYxMORON. I decided to check the link, and I’m sure glad I did. This is that good ol’ Southern rap I can feel in my fatback-clogged heart. Every facet of this project makes me feel like I’m back in Alabama on my Grandfather’s farm, man… running around in the woods and swimming in the river, shooting bb guns, and only being able to get one channel from a 10 ft satellite dish in the backyard. Music for the soul, yo.

Member MENT put this in the liner notes and I feel it’s important to include because I listened to the album prior to reading this and I could feel it in the music

This album is literally my last hope. I dropped out of school, so all my eggs are in one basket. My dad is unemployed and my mom has a home daycare. They struggle so much, and I HATE watching it, especially since they’re such good people! It had to be as perfect as possible to potentially put me and my family in a better place, so that’s where the raw emotion comes from.

Dusty samples and characteristically southern drums pervade the project, very Big K.R.I.T.-esque in terms of songwriting/production but the group dynamic really shines through and makes it very non Big K.R.I.T.-esque in the sense that after an entire project you aren’t bored. After investigating them a bit more, I discovered that two of my Facebook “friends” already liked em. Shred some cheese on your grits and get hip to OXYxMORON. If you are skeptical, check out the eponymous track “The Woods,” and that’ll change your mind. Let us know what you think. Grey goose and a whole lot of hydro.