Playlist: MostlyJunkFood Loves You

February 14, 2013 6 comments

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As is Mostly Junk Food protocol, this is not your typical Valentine’s Day playlist. Nor is it your typical “get the drawlz” playlist. Trying to capture the feeling of catching feelings and what is defined as the cultural standard of basic romantic sentiments, or simply, what your standard romantic comedy portrays would have been easy. In an attempt to aggregate these emotions into one body of work, Anna (nah_rez) and I have compiled this “lovers list” (via Spotify) to help define the romantic language that typically signifies this holiday. That was certainly not easy.

This playlist consists of what can only be described as a clusterfuck of songs that have for one reason or another affected each of us at one point in time. Time-wise, the tracks go from as recent as “Retrograde,” which Anna has exceeded well over 100 plays in the short time it’s been out, and as far back as Stevie Wonder’s “Creepin'” — which happens to be the first song Lloyd identifies as “loving.” Loving music is an emotion in and of itself, and sometimes we, those of us caught up in BLOG world, forget that there are people outside of us, who don’t consume music in the fashion that we do. There ARE people out there who throw a mess of top 40 songs onto a CD-R and call it a playlist without taking into consideration how, say, Bruno Mars might sound terrible after Ke$ha.

But, that shared interest in a love for music is what probably brought you to this site, and this site has become an integral part of both of our lives. To commemorate this “special” day for lovers, we wanted to give you a playlist that hit on every aspect of romance. In a quick two hours we touch on the feelings of lust, being a booty call, lifelong romance, curiosity, missed opportunities, “Lana Del Rey’s” (‘long distance relationships’), sex, and pretty much everything in between. Stream the playlist below and bask in the arbitrary, yet necessary, staple of formulaic romance.