Mixtape: KD – “Crown Me”

January 22, 2013 No comments yet


After watching some playoff football this past Sunday I was in the mood to hear some live music. At the last minute I was made aware of a concert featuring KD, Big Sant and a newer Atlanta artist named Scotty. While I do have to tip my hat to the live band that performed with Scotty. the best show that night belonged to KD. Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama I had seen KD perform before at A3C and he didn’t disappoint then either. After downloading and listening to his music I needed to share it with my MJF family. Apologize for the late pass, but there aren’t many artists out today making country rap tunes better than KD. Backed by some fabulous in-house production and a few contributions from DJ Burn One, put this mixtape into your vehicle and commence to “turn up”.

Download “Crown Me” here and his most recent project “Playa & A G” here.

KD – “Playa G”

KD – The Reason Why (Feat. H.A.M. & Don Prez)