November 1, 2010 13 comments

mellowhype blackened white

new Halloween music from OFWGKTA. the 2nd album from MellowHype, Hodgy Beats on the mic and Left Brain on the beats. “BLACKENEDWHITE” is what Wiz Khalifa would sound like if him and Sledgren smoked their blunts in a boiler room like Mankind. features from Mike G, Tyler, The Creator, Domo Genesis and the enigmatic Earl Sweatshirt. “Strip Club” sounds like the best song D12 never recorded (no disrespect to Proof). “Chordaroy” is a classic Left Brain beat that gets ripped by Hodgy, Earl and Wolf Haley. “Fuck The Police” is a rapid-fire middle finger to the LAPD hype enough to make you want to punch the next baby you see. Odd Future has come a real long way in a short time – BLACKENEDWHITE even got posted on gorilla vs. bear. MellowHype, Mike G & Tyler will be bringing their rare, based, swagged-out performance art to NYC’s Webster Hall November 8th – the same night as the debut of Conan Obrien’s new show on TBS. coincidence?

MellowHype – Gun Sounds
MellowHype – Gram
MellowHype – Fuck The Police (ft. Tyler, The Creator)
MellowHype – Based (ft. C.Renee)
MellowHype – Primo
MellowHype – Loaded (ft. Mike G)
MellowHype – Stripclub
MellowHype – Chordaroy (ft. Earl Sweatshirt And Wolf Haley)

DOWNLOAD: MellowHype – Blackened White

Free Earl, Fuck 2DopeBoyz, Loiter Squad, Bacon Boys, DGAF, Kill Them All. put this in your ipod or zunes.