Mac Miller’s Ridiculous Backstage Rider

February 27, 2012 19 comments

Mac Miller's Show Rider

Hey, after Drake’s backstage rider got leaked a few months ago…. now we get Mac Miller’s. The homie LoneXionc found out about these requests last month and alerted us to them. But now we have confirmation. The fact that he is 20 years old and can’t legally drink yet is asking venues and colleges to willingly do illegal activities is kind of whack… but those homemade cookies are a good choice. Whose is sillier? Mac’s or Drake’s? Also, if you bake some homemade cookies, you might be able to get backstage, thirsty females.

Do artists actually need all this stuff or do you think they just ask for it to see if they’ll get it. I remember seeing Das Racist tweet about how they asked for socks but would rarely get them. If you were a famous rap singer, what would you have on your rider?

Bauce Sauce’s Rider

  1. A Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt: WCW, WWF or ECW
  2. A Case of 24 Glass Bottle Cheerwines
  3. A T-Bone Steak, cooked medium rare (preferably grass-fed)
  4. Velveeta Shells & Cheese
  5. Pipe Tobacco: a nice cavendish will suffice
  6. Toe Socks
  7. Case of Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA
  8. Mini-Keg of Bell’s Oberon Ale (If in season. If not then a hefeweizen of your choice)
  9. Fifth of Maker’s Mark 46
  10. Box of Gushers
  11. Chocolate Chip Cookies made by someone’s grandmother
  12. A dog (or some other type of furry creature) to pet
  13. A Spicy Chick-Fil-A sandwich. No pickles, add cheese & bacon.
  14. A Ham Radio
  15. Cheeseballs
  16. A Masseuse
  17. Glasses Cleaner
  18. Strawberry Chapstick (3-Pack) NOT CHERRY! IF IT’S CHERRY I WON’T DO THE SHOW