Premiere: Jarell Perry – “Black Valentine” (Lovelife Remix)

March 7, 2014 1 comment


Lovelife has a way of taking remixes and inducing them with their own brand of electronic gospel in a way that sounds like pizza tastes. Today they’re letting me premiere their latest remix of rising alt-R&B trailblazer Jarell Perry’s “Black Valentine.” Lovelife kneads the original and cooks it in a wood stove of flame-throwing electronics before punctuating it with sweltering synths tucked into the burning crevices of ear-melting cheese before sprinkling the whole thing in fiery chili flakes that will leave you with the mouth-burning pleasure of heartsick pop that oozes with all the emotional comfort pizza provides. It’s remix rapture for the heartsick to wrap themselves in on a Saturday night – best served with a self-indulgent pizza because true love. Can you tell i’m craving pizza right now.