Stream: Rockwell – “Detroit” (WARNING: It Blows Up Speakers)

May 30, 2013 No comments yet

Okay so I’ve been pretty absent lately – mainly due to the final batch of University exams and of course the highly overdue ‘relaxation period’ that followed (cue many nights of drinkin’ dancin’ romancin’ eatin’ and sleepin’ with a healthy slice of Field Day London thrown in for good measure) however now I am back in the land of the living and of course have a BUTT load of delicious bite-sized delights to tantilize your aural taste buds..first things first, Do You Like Rock Music?

PSYCHE I ain’t talking about that greasy-long-hair, shredded-guitar shizam, I’m talking about Rockwell. And all y’all need to make friends with him riiiiiiiiight now.

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Rockwell, otherwise known as Thomas Green is one of the most exciting artists to be breaking out the UK drum&bass scene at the moment and if new track Detroit is anything to go by you better hold on to your seat, shoes and anything else nearby…

Detroit does not compromise – it’s fast, it’s angry and it’s brilliant. within the first thrity seconds I ask you to try and not move – because you can’t – it so damn ENERGETIC! This track makes me want to run and mate- I don’t even run for the bus.

Want to know something equally brilliant and unbelievable about this track? It blew up Zane Lowe’s sub on his Radio 1 show. IT BLEW UP AN ENTIRE SUBWOOFER. ONE USED BY THE BBC SO YOU KNOW THAT SHIT BE HIGH QUALITY. Have a listen to the sweet tune below (And Zane have a little whine and moan about his speakers…)

So much bass in your face.

Keep it locked to hear some more interesting news from Rockwell including his up and coming performance at Parklife Festival which is sure to be an absolute blinder (and hopefully not so Kamikaze on the equipment!)