LISTEN: LTJ Bukem – In Session and Looking Good

May 11, 2013 No comments yet


Where I live it usually rains. In fact the north west of England, where I grew up, is apparently more rainy than Hawaii. But then again, I never thought Hawaii was that rainy. Anyway, today it’s sunny (sort of) and what suits the sunshine (apart from gin, juice and Bob Marley)? Drum and Bass!

But not that Pendulum bullcruddy, hell no. I’m talking about the reeeeeeeeal shit. Round of applause please, stand up, hats off – it’s LTJ Bukem with his newest collection of wonders Bukem:In Session.


LTJ Bukem in a number of images looking drum and bass-like

This man is the Godfather of breakbeat, all seems futile in comparison to Bukem mixes. He creates that perfect mix of light heavy, bringing you up and bringing you down, LTJ’s exemplary Drum and Bass creations are suitable before, during and after the night of your life. And he’s back with an album of silky smooth drum and bass selections that so rightly justify the Goodlooking moniker of his label, because they are damn sexy.

Featuring tunes from Vandera, dRamatic and dbAudio our man Bukem brings you a whole host of the best DnB around at the moment.

Kick back, relax and loose yourself in the Goodlooking vibes…

Pick up your copy of In Session – released 27th May on