Leftovers: Kanye West – Livin’ In A Movie

May 20, 2013 2 comments

Leftovers is a recurring feature in which we dig up a deep cut from a well known artist’s discography. The first Leftovers will cover a song from the oh-so-divisive Kanye West. 

There was a time when Kanye West could just annihilate a punch line and take a theme for an entire verse and run with it. This was the boyish Polo teddy bear Kanye, way before he completely lost his mind and decided to fill his closet with costume’s from The Matrix. On the “Hold On Remix,” he crafts his verse around a theme of magazines rapping,

“Back in The Chi, I made my life like a magazine, Honey wanna know the Details about my Ebony. Well that’s XXL Far as the Penthouse, yeah that’s Upscale.”

“Livin’ In A Movie,” which can be found on Yeezy’s “Freshman Adjustment” Vol. 1 mixtape takes the same double entendre formula and incorporates it with movies.

“They call me Edward Scissorhands cause I’m tryin’ to cut. She claim she got cramps, I’m gonna get you to suck and you not gonna use ya teeth ya hear? You’re gonna find out What Lies Beneath right here.”

BONUS: Check out this video of Kanye West and Rhymefest (What happened to him?) in February, 2002. Kanye runs through an early version of Jesus Walks with a verse that Rhymefest apparently got cut from.

The video also shows an early version of “Livin’ In A Movie.” At the 6:52 mark Kanye raps “no one man should have all that power” — a line that would of course be used EIGHT YEARS LATER in “POWER.”