Late Night Snack: tUnE-yArDs – “Powa”

September 9, 2012 No comments yet

I am SO not the Late Night Snack type of guy here at MJF. But, for my first contribution to this series ever, I thought a diversion from the usual R&B and smooth soul that populates this feature was in order. Not that the slow burning, funky highlight from tUnE-yArDs’ 2011 breakthrough LP W H O K I L L isn’t “soulful”. As a matter of fact, lead singer Merril Garbus goes into full Prince mode to punctuate this sexy guitar ballad, backed by lyrics that include confessions like: “My man likes me from behind,
tell the truth I never mind” and “Baby, bring me home to bed. I need you to press me down before my body flies away from me”.

A noticeable departure from the frantic fanfare that defined the album and singles like “The Bizness”, “Powa” strips things down, working with a single riff, some sparse snare and hi-hat, and a sultry electric bass line to round out the atmosphere. Can’t say this the typical bedroom romp, but if you’ve got some candles, light ’em. If you’ve got some wine, pour some (might I suggest a fairly young Châteauneuf-du-Pâpe?) And allow the mood to strike.