Late Night Snack: Somethin’ For the People – “My Love is the Shhh!”

November 29, 2012 No comments yet

Late Night Snack back.

Ahhh…1997. That was a good year for me. I was nine years old, just learning how to kiss and had crushes on the best double dutchers in school. While I was totally into girls at this age, the last thing on my mind was sex. It’d be years before I even knew how that whole thing worked.

Still, despite my limited sexual knowledge, I remember this song being played on the radio and how catchy I thought it was. Remember Somethin’ for the People? Yeah, most people don’t. This song was pretty much the highlight of their career, but for good reason.

Why tell a woman how good your stroke game is or a man how moist your juicebox is when you can just say it’s the “Shhh…” or liken it to an explosive device? ’90s dirty talk was grade-A.

Besides the song itself, I love how the group based the video off Spike Lee’s 1996 film, Girl 6. Such a dope idea.

Call up your favorite honey dip tonight and get that phone sex poppin’. Guarantee she’s down.