Late Night Snack: Omarion – “Midnight”

October 15, 2012 No comments yet

Considering the recent chatter surrounding Omarion (click here if you’re still in the dark), it’s easy to forget that the man churned out two solid R&B albums at some point in his career. Hopefully tonight’s Late Night Snack will serve as a nice reminder.

Omarion released his second album, 21, back in 2006, and most people will probably remember the album because it featured the fan favorite, “Ice Box.” But the album had plenty of bangers; “Midnight” being one of them. On the track, the performer sings about getting caught up and cheating on his girl. In one of the most ingenious moves of all time, though, he blames it on (you guessed it) the time. How creative.

See if you can figure out what it is about “Midnight” that’s getting people in trouble.

Omarion – Midnight