Late Night Snack: Busta Rhymes – “What’s it Gonna Be?” ft. Janet Jackson

July 27, 2012 1 comment

There are very few rap songs that I consider to be true slowjams, but Busta Rhymes’ “What’s it Gonna Be?” is more than deserving of that label. Featuring the notoriously naughty Janet Jackson (Ms. Jackson, if ya nasty), this 1999 bedroom banger is all about watering your queen’s lawn of love—giggity.

One of the things people always remember about this song is how awesome the video was. Directed by Hype Williams, “What’s it Gonna Be” shows Bussa Buss getting his Alex Mack on, morphing into a liquid snake and raining on Ms. Jackson’s Heavenly cleavage (literally).

Fellas, always remember the golden rule of sex: The wetter the better. You have to get her Islands of Adventure moist before you can enjoy the ride (Now cut that check, Universal).