Late Night Snack: 112 – Anywhere ft. Lil’ Zane

March 20, 2012 3 comments

Although I love this song, honestly, I can hardly relate. When it comes to knockin’ boots & variety of location, I’m not the most adventurous guy. Since losing my virginity, I may or may not have had sexual relations in the following places:

-Backseat of my 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer
-50 yard line of the Georgia Dome (Or maybe that was Luda)
-Bed again
-School (High school & college)
-Did I mention I’ve had sex in a bed?

I’ve never had exciting sex in a public place while people were watching, sex on a washing machine or romantic sex on the beach. My bucket list is hella long. In 2012, I’m trying to get the gusha in all the places 112 and Lil’ Zane were talking about: waterbed, hallway, beside the stairs, patio, kitchen floor—anywhere and everywhere. But for the record, if any ladies are interested in having average bed sex, I’m definitely available.