Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Mover Shaker Remix)

July 27, 2011 7 comments

DOWNLOAD: Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Mover Shaker Remix)

I introduced you junkies to the talented and obviously gorgeous Lana Del Rey a few months back, and she has definitely become one of my favorite American female vocalists. Mover Shaker, is a DJ from DC and he (assuming it’s a he) recently dropped this remix of “Video Games,” which was the song that initially drew my attention to Lana. I was hesitant to listen at first because I think very highly of the original but I like what Mover Shaker did with the remix. Lana’s vocals are respected, he takes the chillwave vibe up a notch towards electro, and it has good progression–the tempo never gets out of hand. Enjoy!