A Late One With Kinetics & One Love| INTERVIEW

August 22, 2013 2 comments


DOWNLOAD: Kinetics & One Love: What Model Are You?

I’d rather be at happy hour.

Being a victim of the corporate American lifestyle of G-chats and cubicles, one can definitely agree with Jeremy “Kinetics” Dussolliet on one of the group’s most popular current songs, Happy hour , and its very true statement, “It’s been a long day and I was up all night, I’d rather be at happy hour.”

Jeremy “Kinetics” Dussolliet and Tim “One Love” Sommers are fairly recent college graduates. Both graduated from Cornell (Kinetics ’09 and One Love ’10). The fact that they went to Cornell shouldn’t escape anyone. These guys aren’t exactly lightweights.

What makes the song, Happy Hour, released in May; such a perfect song for anyone in their early twenties is that it perfectly captures the feeling of trying to pretend that you’re corporate when all you want to do is still have fun. The idea of staying out all night and then coming in the next day to work on excel spreadsheets, while you can barely keep the room from moving is probably all too familiar to anyone who’s been in the workforce for about a year now and refuses to act like a Wednesday night isn’t a perfect night to pound shots and dance on tables.

The other day, I had the fortune of throwing a few back with Kinetics and One Love at a pregame in their New York City apartment, while they filmed a music video for the song, A Day in the Life featured on their brand new mix tape, What Model Are You? As I stumbled into their apartment from the thunderstorm outside, the music blared and the smoke billowed. Dussolliet and Sommers also live with another producer and one gets the impression that music is constantly being blared in this humble abode. And if the neighbors complain, they just don’t get it.

Dussolliet and Sommers met each other back in 2006, while still enrolled at Cornell. The two hit it off and have been making music ever since. In 2009, they released their debut album, Fading Back to Normal, with one huge track on it that changed the game for them forever: Airplanes. They ended up selling the track and the rest is history. We all remember the B.O.B. hit featuring the hot redhead from Paramore (Haley Williams). It was everywhere. Everywhere. And these guys wrote the hook.

In 2010, they scored a publishing deal with Warner Music Group as songwriters and are continuing to impress. Although the two are signed songwriters, there’s definitely a spark that the two would rather be the ones in the spotlight than just the masterminds behind the tracks.

In a songwriting sense, the duo perfectly capture moments in time in a young person’s life. Sure enough, a year before they released Happy Hour, they released, Graduation Song, which features Wynter Gordon on the hook. You might remember her from Flo Rida’s smash hit, Sugar.

Graduation Song hit especially hard because it didn’t solely mention the sappy, cheesy things that most sentimental, graduation songs discuss, it brought up the things we actually remember college for: drunken days, one night stands, skipping class to sleep, and spending virtually no money to hit on beautiful women, an art that is truly nonexistent in New York City.

The reason Warner Music Group obviously saw potential in the duo isn’t because of sole hit appeal. Sure, Airplanes was catchy as all hell, but more importantly, these guys are actually trying to say something with their music. As with all rap, there’s bound to be talk of illegal substances and late nights, but the difference is that Kinetics is actually trying to put it in a pattern to describe the current youth culture in which we live.


After around two hours of a successful and roaring pregame, Dussolliet, friends, a bevy of beautiful women and I all piled into cabs to head to the ritzy Cellar Bar in midtown. Sommers was already spinning at the club as we walked in. Soon after, Dussolliet took the stage beside him. Sure, they’d rather be at happy hour, but on stage is where these two belong.

At four in the morning, the duo returned home, packed their bags, and left for China a few hours later to perform a show for 3,000 international fans. Oh, they also filmed a video on the Great Wall of China. Just another day in the life.