JoJo – Can’t Do Better (Marvin’s Room Cover) Download

June 14, 2011 13 comments


Download: JoJo – Can’t Do Better (Marvin’s Room Cover)

“Fuck that new girl that’s been in your bed
And when you’re in her, I know I’m in your head”

First off, you are welcome for that homemade GIF. I was able to “acquire” these off her website through back alley dealings and source code hi-jacking. Just when we crowned Drake as “King of the Simps” we are now able to pair him with his queen. JoJo has grown up from her “Leave (Get Out)” days (BTDubs she is 21 now). She recreates Drake’s scenario from Marvin’s Room from a jilted girl’s point of view. I don’t know how I feel about this… I like it…I like when girl’s laud their own sexual prowess…I also like ellipses… but the amateurish songwriting sort of ruins it for me. When she says “I’m gonna send a sexy picture”… my quarter chub disappeared as it was the least sexiest way to say that. I’m also disappointed she didn’t parody the “I’ve had sex four times this week; I’ll explain” lyric. :-/

But I think all my college students can relate with the “I’ve been up three days, Adderall and Red Bull.” What y’all think? Fresh? Whack? Indifferent?

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