jj – beautiful life

April 8, 2012 No comments yet

I know I’m like 8 blog years late but I’ve been busy and this is important. It’s been a long while since we heard from jj. Their last output, “YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH IT WOULD HURT ME IF YOU SAID THAT YOU WERE IN LOVE WITH ME,” was all lo-fi and quite different from their typical style. However, I embrace experimentation unless it’s a rapper trying to make a rock album. This song though. It’s jj back to doing what they do best. I knew I was going to be about it as soon as I heard Elin singing, “I’m so in this bitch” over some ethereal production and it only gets better. “Beautiful Life” will be one half of their latest 7,” jj n° 4, out May 8.