Jazz Cartier – Losing Elizabeth (MIXTAPE)

September 22, 2011 3 comments

Jazz Cartier - Losing Elizabeth

Jazz Cartier – Olivier Garden
Jazz Cartier – Far Away
Jazz Cartier – Visionary
Jazz Cartier – Midnight
Jazz Cartier – Garden of Goliath

When I was 18 years old I was running around in a Speedo at Swim Team competitions (I was not on the Swim Team, but I would go to the meets to show my support) and toilet-papering my high school… not crafting fully-developed, introspective rap albums with universal themes that all of mankind can relate to.

What was I doing with my life?

While most young rappers trying to make a name for themselves are focused on rapping over the latest Drake beat, bragging about the superfluous amounts of weed they smoke and how they are out sexing all of our mothers and girlfriends, Jazz Cartier has gone another, more refreshing route. Instead, his debut album Losing Elizabeth is an emotive journey through the grieving process of losing the one person that was, at one point, his everything. If you have a pulse, chances are you have lost a loved one or broken up with a significant other. These feelings are universal; it is the human experience. This album is cohesive. And though there is the obligatory, dub-step inspired, “Show You I Can Rap” flex track, Olivier Garden, and the necessary blog-single, Gold.&.Girls, Jazz rarely deviates from the primary motif, while still delivering diverse song types.

The one criticism I have of the album is that sometimes Jazz seems to garble his words. However, I think that’s a product of his baritone voice and the way he speaks more so than an error in his delivery. If you combined Room for Improvement with 808s and Heartbreak and sprinkle some The Valedictorian on top, the result would be Losing Elizabeth, an album that somehow inspirits an idea as old as heartache with a fresh take and sound.

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