Harlem Shake Away (And Stay There)

February 22, 2013 No comments yet

So, I’m assuming y’all have seen this harlem shake bid’ness hurling around the web over the last few weeks yeah? If not, it’s not hard to understand – the premise, one particular liberated individual begins to violently throw some Grade A dance moves (usually a good strong hip thrust) in an environment one would not usually see dancemoves (e.g. a classroom, a shop, a bus stop, you name it) then the next scene features all parties donning ridiculous costumes and joining in with thisĀ hilarious hijinkĀ – all to the tune of Baauer’s tune Harlem Shake. Something like this..simples:

And so, last week it was all over the internet, some efforts being of quite gargantuan proportions (and some just being quite homoerotic)…

And then, like many other internet trends, it had reached it’s twilight years and was ready to lie down and die like the old dog it is.

But No. We couldn’t drop it could we. It would seem the Harlem Shake has found a new home – British Universities.

Yes the world’s most educated, culturally diverse and seemingly idiotic members of society have taken to Harlem Shaking their worries away… this particularly dire effort was from my very own uni…

Some are better than others (this one is from Northumbria University – kudos for the V for Vendetta reference)

And some just seem to ridicule the pompous nature of british universities like only our most under-stimulated, over-indulged, trust fund brats can…

So when will this trend end? Will there be a second coming? maybe the start of March will herald a new age in Harlem Shaking, there’ll be a Harlem Shake on the moon next!

And as for Harlem itself? Well, check this out, it speaks for itself…

magic (although some people take it a tad too seriously..)

peace xxx

Lizzi Ward