Happy 70th Birthday, Jimi Hendrix

November 27, 2012 2 comments

Early in my music discovery, I was especially drawn to Jimi Hendrix. How could you not be after seeing him play his guitar with his teeth or light that shit on fire at 1967’s Monterrey Pop Festival? Even though I was listening to Live At Woodstock on a disc changer on the back of a school bus, I felt like I was right there taking LSD with everyone else when I listened through my shitty headphones.

Today we celebrate an amazing musician who died long before his time. His legacy is honored by this weirdo who has a ‘Jimi’ tattoo on his forehead and an upcoming biopic starring Andre 3000.

In college I was fortunate enough to be able to take a class and get ‘experienced’ on Jimi’s career. Even though he only made music for a short time, his output over that time is unmatched. If you’re a spotify’er, check out my favorite Jimi album below and celebrate the genius today:

Jimi’s new posthumous LP People, Hell and Angels is expected March 5th 2013.