Greatest Guitar Solo Ever? Prince – While My Guitar Gently Wheeps

April 14, 2011 No comments yet

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince/The Symbol/Prince recently announced (On Tonight With George Lopez of all places) that he’ll be performing 21 shows at The Forum in Los Angeles beginning April 14th. I happen to live here now and definitely plan on going to see Prince. He’s a consummate performer and people generally focus on the Jehovah Witness thing, the freaky sex thing and the nude album cover thing and not his incredible guitar acumen

In the clip, Tom Petty sleepwalks through a Rock N Roll Hall of Fame tribute to George Harrison before Prince takes over, proclaiming ‘Step back as I wow the crowd with my glorious, electric guitar penis.’ Maybe not the best guitar solo ever (Comfortably Numb? Stairway??), but probably one of the most underrated performances in Rock N Roll History

See you at the Forum!