Fuck Tyler, The Creator

December 14, 2010 29 comments

Tyler, The Creator is the leader of California’s OFWGKTA collective, the teens who have come virtually out of nowhere to achieve notoriety on your favorite blogs and even the likes of Rolling Stone. Tyler is a hilarious dude whose production is dense and whose voice is grizzly. His delivery is razor sharp. Frequent topics in songs are growing up without a dad, raping girls, worshiping the devil, and smoking/snorting drugs. Oddly enough, though he’s Atheist and grew up a Bastard, Tyler has never smoked weed (though his circle is renowned potheads) and doesn’t drink. and most likely hasn’t raped a girl.

He is however severely asthmatic and appears to be incredibly hyperactive/A.D.D. Regular tweets run the gamut from “I AM A UNICORN” to “STOP EATING DAD OUT, MOM” to “JUSTIN BIEBER WILL BE FROM OFWGKTA.” make sure to follow him as he provides the most color on anyone’s timeline. get familiar

here are some of the best recorded Tyler, The Creator moments:
Tyler, The Creator – Splatter
Tyler, The Creator – Seven
Tyler, The Creator – VCR/Wheels
Tyler, The Creator – Blow
MellowHype – Fuck The Police (ft. Tyler, The Creator)
Tyler, The Creator – Inside Of Clouds

for more from Tyler and Odd Future, check OddFuture.com

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hit the jump for video for “VCR” and “French.” and it’s still fuck 2dopeboyz.