For the Love of Women, Female MCs Need To Squash the Beef

January 16, 2013 4 comments


Hey Azealia, Nicki, Lil Kim et al–take a seat and please pay attention.

Ladies, just know that I say this because I care and because having strong, dynamic women in hip hop is important to me:

You all need to start acting like you have some damn sense and stop engaging in these mindblowingly stupid public feuds, because uuughhh what are you bitches doing?

“Seriously, no more of this. I understand that publicly fighting with a popular female MC may blow up the Google alerts you’ve set for yourselves or help push a few more units, but, hand to your weaves, trust me when I say that nothing good is coming out of this.”

As a rule, I feel like most of the beef in hip hop isn’t exactly based in the deepest depths of logic. Does some good music come out of it? Sure. But I can guarantee that everyone involved ultimately looks back and admits to themselves: “yeah that shit was pretty stupid.”

I totally understand the notion that when you don’t have much else, respect and your reputation are everything. But that certainly ain’t the case here. LADIES, YOU HAVE A LOT. A whole lot. You’re not samurai warriors fighting for your damn honor. You’re just being reactionary and have too many public outlets for every thought that pops into your heads.

I hate, hate, hate the idea that women should have to do anything differently from men in order to succeed. In this case, unfortunately, the double standard still stands. There are significantly fewer female rappers. Until that changes, situations like this will be treated as the norm rather than the exception. Whenever a new female rapper hits the scene, the question won’t be if she’ll get caught up in beef, just a matter of when.


Of course, not every female rapper is guilty, but you have to look pretty far back to find them. Queen Latifah and Missy Elliot didn’t get caught up in crap like this. Eve largely kept it together when she was popular. And while Lauryn Hill basically alienated everyone who ever helped her, she didn’t publicly fight with another artist who wasn’t named Wyclef Jean (who deserved all the backlash he got). But this current crew….

Maybe you ladies do have legitimate qualms against each other and there are more to these situations than we know–but the whole point is that we don’t know. We can only go off of what we’re presented with, which goes like this:

• Person A and Person B don’t particularly like each other to begin with, because THAT’S LIFE.
• Person A makes a vague, obnoxious comment that could or could not be construed as being about Person B, but probably isn’t.
• Person B takes it way too personally and makes aggressive remarks towards Person A.
• Person A responds accordingly.
• Everyone looks like an idiot.

This is how it goes down EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Still not convinced? Let me break this down even further.

1) Everything you’re fighting about is stupid and irrelevant

All this shit be stupid. The Azealia Banks vs. Angel Haze ridonkulousness was about a lame tweet Azealia sent out saying that only people who were born and raised in New York can call themselves New Yorkers. Angel unnecessarily took this as some sort of personal attack and responded with a stupid threat of violence. WHY?

Look, I call myself a New Yorker even though I wasn’t born here, because right now, this is my home. However, unlike Angel, I don’t care what Azealia Banks thinks about it. I like the girl, but she’s not the damn mayor of the city. Besides, Angel, she wasn’t talking to you.

Then we have Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. Lil Kim doesn’t like Nicki because she thinks Nicki stole her style and blah blah blah this is beyond dumb blah blah. Unless she’s arguing that Nicki stole from her, the act of rapping while wearing a ridiculous wig, the only real similarities I see between them are their gender and their bravado–ya know, because arrogance is so rare in hip hop.

I have no energy left to rehash the fights involving Iggy Azalea, Kreayshawn, (although, her “rapper” title is dubious) Foxy Brown and whoever else has felt the need to join in.

These are not real issues. Unless it involves someone’s family, money or safety, let it go.

2) Objectively, you’re killing women

All these feuds do is open you up to bullshit critiques that have nothing to do with your actual musical skills or output. You’re just feeding the notion that all women are catty bitches who can’t stand to see another woman succeed, when, in reality A) That’s just not true and B) The same stereotype can just as easily and just as often be applied to men. I’m not saying that everyone who looks at these situations immediately jumps to that conclusion, but why even give anyone the opportunity to introduce the argument?

3) It’s not helping your music

Azealia and Angel’s post-twitter spat diss tracks were fine–no better or worse than Common’s “Canada Dry” attempt. The main person I’m looking at here is Nicki Minaj. “Stupid Hoe” is easily one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. Truly. It wasn’t at all clever and just gave Lil Kim more ammo against you. You’re fighting over bullshit AND it’s not helping you produce good music? No thank you. Either “Ether” it or keep it moving.

4) Did I mention that this shit is stoooopid?

For realz.

Again, I say this from a place of love: Chill out. Rap good. Look hot. Eye on the prize and call it a damn day.