Drake – Practice

November 6, 2011 9 comments

“All my girls from the 5-0-4 need to drop it right now…” -Drake (Practice)

Drake – Practice

If you’re a Drake fan who was born in the mid to late ’90s, you probably won’t be able to appreciate this song– damn babies. But yall can’t help when you were born, I suppose. Anyway, as soon as I heard the strings come in on this record I got hype as hell. Not because I couldn’t wait for Drake to start rapping, but because he sampled the illest twerk song in the history of twerk songs–Juvenile’s “Back Dat Azz Up.” You know how many middle and high school dances I went to just to hear this song? You know how much ass I still grind on to this song? Besides “Practice,” Bun B’s “Pop it For Pimp” is the only other song that I’ve heard sample the music from the original Mannie Fresh-produced track.

I can’t even hate on Drake for this one. He even sing-raps portions of the song in the same cadence as the original record. Some people will call it biting, but it’s clearly homage. I’m sure he’ll get the nod of approval from Juvie and Mannie when they hear the record (If they haven’t already). Although most of you will probably find a download link in the next 24 hours, Take Care drops Nov. 15. OVOXO…sure, I’ll sign your bootleg copy of my album at our next show.

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