December 22, 2013 1 comment



While teenagers over the rest of the world are being rude to their parents and popping zits there seems to be some sort of creative impulse that takes over teenagers in New Zealand. Mzwetwo (prounounced  Mez-way-too) is just 19 but has revealed himself to be a true originator of originality.

Nothing gets me more excited than a genre that’s hard to pin down. With dark soul crooning over fuzzy bass and short snappy raps over sparse beats it really does refuse to sit neatly in any particular pigeon hole. There is a hint of new wave R&B about it as well as slowed down UK garage with relaxed hip-hop.

The Gallantino EP is way, way too short for my liking but each of the three tracks offers something just a little different but still represents a solid body of work and politely introduces us to Mzwetwo. The sound is dark and moody, as if being bellowed from a broken heart but there is also a delicateness that lays within each track. It is that perfect mix of being accessible as well as being different enough that it can be embraced by the indie-alternatives without embarrassment.

Stream and download from his soundcloud below so you can talk about how you liked it before he blew up like you do with Lorde.