DJs: Why So Sad?

May 7, 2013 No comments yet


Okay, let’s play a game, let’s think of what the most fun job in the world would be…

Ice cream taster? Maybe but you’d get pretty spotty and fat quite quickly…

Football player? Hmm you’d have a lot of money but 90% of the world would think you’re a bit of a prick.

Actor/Actress? Amazing, but – privacy. We all like to hit our local shops in trackie bottoms without getting ‘papped’ and come on, it’s our god-given right to fall out of a club at 5am in perfect anonymity..

So I would summize that the best job in the whole entire world would be..a DJ!

Imagine it, you get paid, a princely sum of pennies in order to play your favourite songs the WORLD over. Hell if someone in Rome emailed me and said ‘Oh hey there Lizzi, wanna DJ hip hop for an hour? We’ll pay your travel, buy you dinner, give you free drinks, pay for your hotel and give you £200 on top’ Straight up I would be like…


However it has become apparent to me over the last few months, that the DJs amongst us, those beatsmiths and rhythm makers are feeling kind of sad….

And I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s the constant reminder that people love your music that’s been getting Joy Orbison down. I mean it must really suck to watch people lose their shit to Hyph Mngo every night…

joy sad

C’mon give us a smile Joy!

joy happy

That’s more like it!

Or maybe its all the free beer and drugs that’s on offer to Mount Kimbie that’s really put them out…

mountkimbie sad

And it’s not just the guys, even the girls are getting pretty down in the mouth about this ‘idyllic’ DJ lifestyle…


Maya Jane Coles! Y U No smile!?

Apart from Nina, but that’s a whole different ball game.


So in conclusion I suppose what I’m trying to say is DJs – cheer up. I didn’t want to have to tough love you all but here it is, I’m sitting you down and having a word. Scuba, stop being so….aloof. We know you like politics, we know you run things at hot flush, but your twitter conduct has been noted – stop being so mean!


Machinedrum, I’ve spoken to you before. Now go buy a new pair of hipster glasses to cheer yourself up.

images (2)

And as for you Huxley, I agree, but let’s start a little closer to home yeah?


So DJs, please heed my advice. Just cheer up!

Too see how bad this problem has really got, spend a penny on this’s really quite chronic!