Discover: Perera Elsewhere – “Bizarre”

August 21, 2013 No comments yet


I don’t know a lot about Perera Elsewhere, and it doesn’t seem like the rest of the Blog World has very much on her either. We’re aware that she was born in London and currently living in Berlin and that this track, “Bizarre” is off her forthcoming EP, Bizarre. The EP will be out September 10th and then we’ll see the debut LP, Everlast released on October 28th via Friends of Friends (LOL Boys, Shlohmo, Salva).

“Bizarre” is not the most bold introduction to an artist that I’ve heard of late, yet I keep finding myself going back to Perera Elsewhere. The vocals manage to be sensual and serene at the same time while the lyrics tell an emotional story that is both intriguing and semi confusing. The production is reflective of everything about Perera Elsewhere, it provides almost a haze inducing background for the vocals but I can tell there’s more to figure out about it.