Chief Keef – I Don’t Like ft. Lil’ Reese (Video)

March 14, 2012 10 comments

One thing I absolutely love about the Internet is how something/someone can go “viral” in the blink of an eye (Right, Kony?). We saw it happen in Hip-Hop around this same time last year with California collective Odd Future, and now it looks to be Chief Keef‘s turn. For the last 24 hours, I’ve been studying everything affiliated with the 16-year-old Chicago rapper. After a friend asked if I had ever heard of the young emcee, I headed over to Youtube to check out his video for “I Don’t Like.” Since then I’ve played this song at least 30x, downloaded his latest mixtape Back From the Dead, followed him on Twitter and read; then re-read David Drake‘s dope Gawker article on the three-day old phenomenon. I also took the time to read an equally-as-dope piece that explains why listening to Keef’s rather violent lyrics could be detrimental to the health of young listeners, specifically those from the Windy City. My suggestion? Read both articles.

As for the actual video and song for “I Don’t Like,” it’s the definition of ‘low-budget’ and nothing special lyrically. But the energy of the track is simply astounding. The rush I get while listening to this song is similar to the feeling I got the first time I heard Crime Mob’s “Knuck if You Buck“—yeah, it’s that trill.

It’s too early to say if this kid is going to blow up or not, but he’s definitely caught my attention. You can grab Keef’s latest mixtape below to check him out for yourself.

DOWNLOAD: Chief Keef – Back From the Dead