Brenton Duvall – Drake Instrumental Flips

April 29, 2012 1 comment

I remember when I turned 21. Wait, no I don’t. That was four years and many lost brain cells ago. Hype Machine/Soccer Mom favorite Brenton Duvall unleashed two new instrumentals in celebration of his journey into manhood. His progression from “simple mash-up DJ” to instrumental beat wunderkind seems to be going according to plan.

This is real talk right here: I listened to his old “Phone Ring Goodbye” jawn back in February at around 3 am. It could have been mostly the whiskey… but I listened to that song and got melancholy as fuck. Brenton definitely understands constructing mood and progression, something both of these newest offerings demonstrate. Shouts to Champagne Papi, but it’s still Fuck Hype Machine… Almost drowned in Zoya’s pussy so I swam to her butt. Time Travel Rap coming soon.

Brenton Duvall – Cry If You Need To Instrumental Remix
Crew Love Choppy Instrumental Remix

via Brenton on Potomac Boys Club

awww yeah, look at drakey go! today i turned 21. its sunny in the district and ive just been in a good mood lately. i appreciate having an audience that will let me drop basically nothing for months and then listen to whatever weird idea i decided to put out spontaneously. these are 2 drake flips (doing it wrong, crew love). definitely slower and more ambient. cuz das what i like!!! don’t ask me to make a mash up anymore, i never really did in the first place! but i digress, because the point is im putting out whatever i want. i kinda fuck with this shit and i hope you do as well. expect alot more so damn soon…its kind of crazy forreal. look at drake up there. he still dancin. lil guy. anyway shouts outs my moms n dads nahmsayin for givin birth to me nahmsayin. please go toss one for me today!!!!!! i definitely tossed like 6 for each of you!