Interview: CYPRIA

September 22, 2013 No comments yet

So it’s Sunday. That hallowed day of rest, worship and re-runs. In my case, Sunday has always been designed for the chillest of hip hop and the deepest of soul, a day where you are fully licensed to plug in and zone out, with whatever herbal aid you choose (in my case, we’re talking chamomile […]

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August 22, 2013 1 comment

Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls – Outlook is finally around the corner. And if you, my global friends are unable to board a flight to Pula, Croatia next week, worry not, as I will be your trusty eyes, ears, brains and bits. Live vicariously through me, I promise we’ll all have a good time. […]

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July 27, 2013 No comments yet

In a scene that’s so heavily dominated by testosterone, Moxie AKA Alice Moxom is certainly a rose amongst a whole bunch of thorns. The 24 year old really holds her own with her adept mixing ability, playing out sets of all genres with a good dose of soul to lighten the load. But she ain’t […]

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Max Graef – MDC007

July 24, 2013 No comments yet

Okay so here’s the thing. Max Graef has sort of become my new idol. I praise him. I worship him. I follow his every musical movement, and he can do no wrong. Now then I know it’s breaking every commandment (my irish Catholic family would be pisssssed at me saying this) but guys, he’s The […]

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Listen: Redinho – Searching

July 16, 2013 No comments yet

I absolutely love Redinho. The Londoner is a member of the NUMBERS label family, and he’s probably the strangest little cactus in the desert. New track ‘Searching’ is an absolutle blinder, perfect for those summer days and summer nights, a total stormer of completely maxxed out synths, drum machines and few cosmic sound effects thrown […]

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