Mood Indigo – Only You (Friend)

October 21, 2012 No comments yet

Boston artist Mood Indigo has been quietly releasing music on his bandcamp for a while now. A comforting combination of styles and effects are utilized here. Crooning, heavy bass, stuttering percussion, reverb, what more could you want?? Tripping music as its most refined. Mood Indigo – Only You (Friend)

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Save The Green Street Vault

April 19, 2012 No comments yet

The Green Street Vault is one of Boston’s most innovative local businesses. In the midst of the food truck frenzy, Green Street is a mobile retail truck, selling exclusive clothing and street wear from brands like Nike, Annie Mulz, Society, and E5Charlie, as well as establishing partnerships with the famous shoe store Bodega, and Bay […]

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Gerald Walker – Girl, Oh No He Didn’t?!

February 15, 2012 1 comment

Gerald Walker hooked me with his “On Your Side” EP produced by Cardo. Unfortunately, I don’t see him switching his sound up much, but I suppose it is okay to work within your comfort zone if it produces the best results. This track is very Gerald Walker. Safe, simple, Cardo-esque (although it is produced by […]

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